Creating a Literacy Rich Classroom

Entering into my 6th year of teaching has me reflecting a lot on what works and what doesn’t work in my classroom. Unfortunately, the past two years at my new school have proven unsuccessful….. according to state and district standards. Putting aside the “standardized test,” my students have made great gains and have been wonderful […]

Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Last week we started our unit on improper fractions and mixed numbers. We have been working with fractions for several weeks but this was my students first time being exposed to this. I started by using a PowerPoint to introduce a mixed number using models. We defined mixed number in their journals and used fraction […]

Pre-Reading is a must!

Before this year, I would often introduce a text to students by saying one or two sentences about it, doing a picture walk, and jumping into reading. After taking my MRT course, I now know that pre-reading plays a huge role in students comprehension. We should think of comprehension as an inverted pyramid. At the […]

Interactive Math Notebook

By: Amelia Nolan If there is one thing I’ve learned about fourth graders these past few years it’s this: they need help staying organized.  Every once in awhile I’ll see a student who’s desk is cleaner than mine could ever hope to be, but for the most part, children face some difficulty keeping their belongings […]

Back to School

How do you get ready for the first day of school?  For me there is a lot of planning and preparation!  I like to spend some time prior to our required back to school days getting all of my things back out and organized in a way that is going to benefit my students.  I […]

Guided Reading

You voted and guided reading won! So this post is dedicated to that. Before we begin, I want to talk about what guided reading is and what it is not. Guided reading can look different in every class. In my classroom, guided reading time is the most important block of ELA and it is where […]

Reading is Thinking

Let’s talk about comprehension! In every 3-5 classroom it’s a huge part of what we teach. But what exactly is comprehension? Comprehension includes 6 parts: visualizing, making connections, inferring, determining importance, asking questions, and synthesizing. All six parts are critical to student’s comprehension and all elements must be explicitly taught through modeling and read-aloud think-aloud. […]