My favorite new app!

Have you used the app Classkick in your classroom?  I just started using it this year, but already…I am in LOVE!  This app allows me to give students immediate feedback while working.  I can easily see the breakdown and go to help students who cannot solve a math problem!  Differentiation becomes much simpler when I can tell one student to move onto the assignment, he or she knows what to do and I can move to the desk of a student who needs a little one on one attention.

I use it with ease to drop a PDF book or task card set in and guide student learning.  In guided reading, I simply drop the PDF book in and slip questions I created or graphic organizers between the pages. I can have students circle rhyming words or find evidence and I am checking as they work. Classkick literally makes it so easy to import PDF files from my drive that I can do in less than 2 minutes!  (Well, as long as the crazy network at school is on my side, lol!  You know how that goes!)

Something super cool that I did this week—- I took photos of some questions that went along with a test we were taking.  I put each photo onto a separate slide, then I recorded myself reading the questions and answer choices.  This made it simple for my students who receive oral administration on a reading test!  I created a special group for those 504 students to be able to listen to their questions being read.  They have the option to listen to the recording over and over as needed.  Imagine being able to support your students, yet still be able to walk around and monitor the rest of the class!  I used to think, “Man, I need a clone!”.  With Classkick, it’s like there’s another me sometimes!

Reach out to me if you have any questions! I would love to help you learn more about this awesome tool!  Classkick has really benefitted my classroom and I’d love to help it you with yours too.  Also, leave me a comment if there is an amazing app you’d recommend that we try!  I am game for learning about new tech tools.  🙂

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