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Creating a Literacy Rich Classroom

Entering into my 6th year of teaching has me reflecting a lot on what works and what doesn't work in my classroom. Unfortunately, the past two years at my new school have proven unsuccessful..... according to state and district standards. Putting aside the "standardized test," my students have made great gains and have been wonderful… Continue reading Creating a Literacy Rich Classroom

ELL, Fluency, Literacy, Read Aloud, reading

Reading is Thinking

Let’s talk about comprehension! In every 3-5 classroom it’s a huge part of what we teach. But what exactly is comprehension? Comprehension includes 6 parts: visualizing, making connections, inferring, determining importance, asking questions, and synthesizing. All six parts are critical to student’s comprehension and all elements must be explicitly taught through modeling and read-aloud think-aloud.… Continue reading Reading is Thinking